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Minimalism in Golf Course Design “Too!”

It was 1998.  Sahalee Country Club, always highly regarded and my father’s finest work, was proudly playing host to the PGA tour Championship that year.  We had flown up for the event and had chosen a quiet moment to walk the site.  I had seen Sahalee under construction as a child. It had been a […]

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As a Golf Course Ages – Greens

Over the last couple of summers, I’ve been involved with a redesign and refresh of both the Palm and Valley courses at Marriott Desert Springs in Palm Desert, California.  Both of these tracts were originally designed by my father in the mid eighties and are now about 25 years old.  One of the interesting aspects […]

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Chasing the Magic Bullet 2-Irons

I am not a golf equipment addict.  Not sure why, exactly.  I suppose it has to do with the beginning, at the age of eleven and my first set of irons, all odd numbered.  I do not know when I realized clubs also came in even numbers or whether I cared.  Back then, it was […]

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Chasing the Magic Bullet 1-Intro

When I’m not head down in an attempt to make the golfer’s life miserable, I tend to flirt with other creative endeavors such as photography.  Recently, I ran across an article by Kevin Bourque titled “Confessions of a Magic Bullet Chaser.”  In it, Kevin defines a magic bullet as:  “things that turn a mediocre photographer […]

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Blasting Minimalism in Golf Design

If one happened to see my earlier post, Minimalism in Golf Design, I’m sure one would agree I do not demean minimalism, in fact I’m very much an advocate of restricting change on natural golfing ground to insure the retention of as much of its character and individualism as possible.  My point of the previous […]

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