“It’s all about the ball, silly!” As a designer, one cannot choose who is playing or the club of choice or how the ball is hit. All one can do is influence the ball once it hits the ground: does it roll or stop, find a hazard, spin or release, break left, break right, roll back. Is it lost? Can it be found? What happens when it’s hit well? What happens when it’s not? When one speaks of technology changing the game, they are actually referring to the flight of the ball, or more accurately, the change in the flight of the ball and, subsequently, the change in what happens to it after it lands. As my father used to say, the golfer attacks, the golf course defends. However, unlike other sports such as hockey where a goalie actively defends the net, golf architects defend passively. And we do that by choosing how to influence the ball.

Welcome to inaugural post on the Robinson Golf blog. Hmmm…so, why a blog? Well, several reasons I suppose: a place to share news and events; a place to post commentary; and, perhaps most importantly, a place to share information about golf course design. In the following weeks and months, I hope to offer a peak behind the curtain so to speak – an opportunity to share in the reasoning behind the choices. Or something like that, anyway!

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