Welcome to Robinson Golf

If you have a passion for golf course design, for the pure enjoyment of the game and essentially everything about it, you are in the right place.

My biggest thrill as a golf course architect is to balance strategic elements of the game with a vision for the chosen terrain, which together, provide the game’s greatest allure of all – an experience that is fun and exciting.

Robinson Golf was founded on a belief that every round of golf, on every golf course you play, should put a smile on your face. My goal is for golfers to see the beauty, feel the character and the experience the challenge that is built into every golf course I design. There is no need to analyze it; just enjoy it. And remember how it made you feel, how it made you play.

That’s when you know you are, indeed, in the right place.

With that, I am pleased to welcome you to Robinson Golf!

– Ted Robinson Jr.